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AO FP1 The Acorn Instruments FP-1 universal foot switch works with any product requiring a standard TS foot switch. It's a tried-and-true, solid design with a 6-ft. cable and a polarity switch. Weight: .7 lb    
12,50 €
AO FP2 The FP-2 piano style foot pedal is an ideal companion for all electronic keyboards that feature a standard 1/4" foot-switch input jack. It's solid and built in a sleek oval-shaped enclosure with a rubber bottom that ensures it [...]
22,00 €
AH SLED2PRO LED Light for Music Stand The SLED2Pro is a compact, handy light with a patented design intended for music stands. The 4 bright and efficient LEDs can be switched individually between 2 brightness levels. Also, the light cone is adjustable [...]
13,00 €
ADAM HALL SMS11- Estante de Partituras c/ [...]
AH SMS11 Music stand Space saving collapsible music stand - ideal for taking along with your instrument case.   Product type Stands and Tripods Type Music stand Music desk type folding Stand [...]
17,00 €
CHERUB - WSM-330 Metrónomo
CE WSM330 FEATURES High Accuracy Mechanical Metronome Precision Spring Mechanism Variable tempo from 40 to 208 bpm Downbeats (with different tone than the beat per measure tone) Traditional tower shape SPECS Tempo range: [...]
28,00 €