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ADAM HALL - Suporte de Microfone clamp p/ [...]
AH SCBCLMP This lightweight and compact microphone holder can be mounted on any guitar amplifier or cabinet.
The clamp mechanism allows a firm and secure holding of the microphone while the flexible gooseneck allows you to find the perfect micing [...]
44,00 €
GRAVITY - MS 3122 HDB Suporte Curto [...]
GV MS3122HDB Short Heavy Duty Microphone Stand with Folding Tripod Base Short tripod microphone stand Extra heavy base with short legs Telescoping boom with 88 cm maximum length Ideal for bass drum micing Ideal for bass drum micing, [...]
37,00 €
GRAVITY - Speaker Pole
GV SP2332B Speaker Pole Extension 50 cm pole extension Heavy-duty steel with black powder coating finish M20 male and female ends This 50 cm speaker pole extension is made of heavy-duty steel tubing with male and female threaded M20 [...]
17,00 €
HERCULES-SS710B Crank Up Speaker Stand
HR SS710B EZ Adaptor automatically expands from 35mm (1.38") to 40mm (1.57") to fit different sized speaker bottom holes.

161,00 €