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RO VE20 Porque é que se diz que as "stompboxes" são apenas para os guitarristas? A nova VE-20 foi concebida de raíz para vocalistas e está equipada com a mais recente tecnologia de processamento de voz do mercado.
Com um simples click no pedal, [...]
255,00 €
DX DJDI The 2-channel passive DJdi is designed to be used as a standard tool for many audio applications. Offering two channels, the DJdi easily solves the problem of converting unbalanced signals into balanced output suitable for use with mixers, PAs, [...]
35,00 €
LD Systems HPA4 - Headphone Amplifier-4 [...]
LD HPA4 LD Sytems HPA 4 - a compact and powerful headphone amplifier The LDHPA4 has small dimensions, can handle up to 4 headphones and has an output power with no equal in its class. That means high volume with no distortion. With these features [...]
37,00 €
LD Systems HPA6 - Headphone Amplifier 6 [...]
LD HPA6 LDHPA6 6-Channel Rackmount Headphone Amplifier The LD Systems HPA 6 is a highly flexible 1U 19“ rack format headphone amplifier with 6 fully independent channels and comprehensive features for a wide range of professional audio [...]
179,00 €
LD Systems LDI102 - DI Box Activa
LD LDI02 Active DI box in sturdy metal housing (aluminium/steel) with corner protectors, silver-blue/ metallic, internal 9 V battery (indicator blinks during operation) which is automatically switched off when phantom power is used (LED indicator is on [...]
43,00 €
PALMER - PDI 03 Joe Bonamassa
PA PDI03JB Palmer PDI 03 JB guitar DI-box & speaker simulation, Joe Bonamassa signature, JB switch (off/medium/heavy - acts like a mid boost), attenuator (24/12/0db), deep/normal/flat voicing switch, bright/normal/mellow voicing switch, 1x input, 1x [...]
173,00 €
PALMER-PDI-09 - Passive DI
PA PDI09 Passive DI Box for Guitars Passive DI box especially designed for guitars. The PDI09 can be connected between an effect device or amplifier and the mixing console. The PDI09 is not suitable for direct connection to a guitar. Integrated [...]
85,00 €

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