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WISEMANN - DTR-200 Trompete
WI DTR200 Key: Bb Finish: Brass Lacquered Piston: Stainless Steel Sildes: Nickel Silver Leadpipe: Rose Brass Bell: Yellow Brass Waterkey: 2pcs Bell Size: 125mm(4.92") Bore Size: 11.8mm(.465") Case: Wisemann Premium [...]
259,00 €
YA YTR4335GII Specifications Key Bb Bell Material Two piece, Gold brass Bell Diameter 123mm (4-7/8") Bore Size ML 11.65mm [...]
585,00 €
YAMAHA - YTR-8335 RGS 04 Trompete Xeno Series
YA YTR8335RGS04S -Trompete Bb -Série Xeno -Leadpipe reverso -ML- bore Ø 11.65 mm -Campânula de uma peça, martelada à mão dourada, com Ø 123 mm –Novo rebordo de campânula -Novos [...]
2 390,00 €
YA YTR2330G The two-piece bell of the YTR-2330 is crafted using state-of-the-art production methods, delivering a consistent, vibrant tone. The balanced weight and addition of an adjustable third valve trigger allows for a natural hand position and [...]
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375,00 €
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480,00 €
YA YTR4335GSII The YTR-4335GII/4335GSII features a gold-brass bell that produces a richer, wider range of tonal colors. Durable yet light, the bell promotes easy endurance while playing. The richness of tone quality and freeblowing feel make this trumpet a [...]
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625,00 €

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