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HOHNER - Ocean - Blue
HO OCEANBLUE THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM From relaxed, slow rhythms straight into a melodious storm – and straight back into still waters. From Reggae and Funk to Pop and Jazz, the interplay between fast and slow passages is a popular means to keep [...]
45,00 €
HOHNER - Student 32 BLK
HO STUDENT32BLK THE NEXT BIG STEP Once you’ve mastered “Jingle Bells” and “Row Row Row Your Boat”, you’ll want to move on to more complex and elaborate song structures. This is where the Student 32 comes into play. Its [...]
42,00 €
HOHNER - Super Force 37-BLK
HO SUPERFORCE37BLK THE ROCK MELODICA Powerful riffs, blasting drums, forceful bass lines – and a melodica. Sounds weird? No, sounds like a perfect match! If you’ve ever heard a melodica in Rock music, you’ll know what we’re talking [...]
55,00 €

Aluguer Steinway
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