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AD T5V The T5V is a highly affordable two-way nearfield monitor and optimized for small control rooms. With its 5” woofer the bass-frequency response of the T5V extends to 45 Hz. The new U-ART tweeter, a breakthrough solution for use in [...]
169,00 €
AD T7V The T7V is a two-way studio monitor designed for vertical use in a nearfield application. The T7V features a 7” woofer that provides bass extension down to 39 Hz, while the U-ART tweeter’s diaphragm provides pristine and extended [...]
199,00 €
FLUID AUDIO - C5 ( Par )
FA C5 The Classic Series C5 studio monitor from Fluid Audio redefines the sound quality of a "budget" studio  monitor. Having more than 23 years designing speakers, it's somewhat easy to design great sounding monitors using [...]
167,00 €
FA C5BT C5BT is an affordable Bluetooth enabled monitor using the newest CSR BT 4.0 technology with aptX® support. aptX® has revolutionized the Bluetooth® Stereo listening experience by significantly reducing the bit rate without [...]
236,00 €
FLUID AUDIO - F4 ( Par )
FA F4 The Fluid Audio F4 is the perfect entry level near-field monitor for the aspiring musician or seasoned Pro. That's not to say this is not a professional monitor, however. The same amount of time and expertise that was behind our bigger, [...]
167,00 €
FLUID AUDIO - F5 ( Par )
FA F5 The F5 studio monitor is the model that started it all for Fluid Audio. When we decided to enter this market, we wanted to address many of the issues found with monitors at this price point. We didn't realize that so many others would [...]
199,00 €
FA FX8 The Fader Series FX8 studio reference monitor was born out of trying to solve one big problem: How do you make an 8" 2-way monitor that isn't 15" tall!  In a studio environment (and more so in a home studio), when you put [...]
349,00 €
LI LP6BK Transparent Sound The Lone Pine Series is designed to allow you to hear every detail that's happening in your mix. This starts with an exceptionally accurate frequency response. Whatever is present on your mix is what you'll [...]
179,00 €
M-AUDIO - BX5 Carbon - Monitor de Estúdio [...]
MD BX5CARBON The BX5 Carbon studio monitor helps you track, monitor, and mix with confidence by providing accurate sound and dynamic acoustic control. Equipped with a 5Ë woven Kevlar low-frequency driver and 1Ë natural silk dome tweeter,
the BX5 [...]
129,00 €
M-AUDIO - BX5 D3 (uni.)
MD BX5D3 Monitor Performance Starts with Driver Excellence A monitor’s drivers are the heart and soul of its performance. Driving the low-end and midrange, BX5-D3’s 5-inch military-grade Kevlar® woofers are rigid and lightweight, [...]
95,00 €
MD BX8D3 A studio monitor is no ordinary loudspeaker. Unlike a conventional speaker, a true monitor must be unerringly accurate, with a flat frequency response and vanishingly low distortion. It has to tell you, the music producer—dependably and [...]
139,00 €

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