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ML MCA CYMBAL ATTACHMENT It works perfectly for adding cymbals and accessories to any stands. The Meinl cymbal attachment consists of the Meinl multi-clamp and a Meinl cymbal boom arm.   FEATURES Multi-clamp Cymbal boom [...]
55,00 €
TAMA - HC52F The Classic Stand
TA HC52F This extremely light and compact straight stand features a flat base construction inspired by vintage cymbal stands of the 60's. Its deceivingly simple construction features a 9mm solid core upper rod and a fine gear tilter which allows for [...]
58,00 €
TAMA - HC83BLS Suporte de Prato- Girafa
TA HC83BLS With single braced legs, Roadpro Light stands are 25% lighter than their standard Roadpro counterparts, making these much easier to transport! Details: •25% Light Weight *Compared with Roadpro double braced leg model •25.4mm [...]
97,00 €
TAMA - HH315D Hi-Hat Stand
TA HH315D The Speed Cobra 315 hi-hat stand offers functionality and stability reminiscent of the highly regarded Speed Cobra 915 hi-hat stand. It features dual-leg construction, uncommon at this price range, and delivers setup flexibility in tight [...]
118,00 €
TAMA - HH55F Classic Hi-Hat Stand
TA HH55F Inspired by the vintage hi-hat stands of the 1960s, we are proud to announce our new extremely lightweight and compact The Classic Hi-Hat Stand. This hi-hat stand is not merely a rehash of old designs, but a beautiful blend of vintage style [...]
98,00 €
TA HP600D The newest addition to the Iron Cobra series, the Iron Cobra 600's most unique feature is a reversible cam called the "Duo Glide Cam." A simple adjustment allows fast changes between a true round "Rolling Glide" sprocket [...]
98,00 €
TAMA - HS100W Suporte de Tarola
TA HS100W STAR Snare Stand HS100W Features Cradle-Hold Snare Basket (US.PAT.NO.9099061) Since no vertical post is needed to adjust the spread of this snare basket, you can achieve a much lower position. Simply by loosening the T-nut, you [...]
167,00 €

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