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GATOR-Cymbal Bag
GA GP12 Lightweight Cymbal Bags Durable Nylon Exterior with Protective Foam Protective Padded Interior Lining Fits up to eight cymbals up to 22" diameter Individual dividers Comfortable shoulder [...]
60,00 €
MEINL - MSB-1-C1 Designer Stick Bag
ML MSB1C1 PROFESSIONAL STICK BAG The Meinl Designer Stick Bag has four spacious sections for drumsticks and a separate compartment for drum accessories.   Features: Extension straps External pocket Padded nylon material Shoulder [...]
21,90 €
PROTECTION RACKET - Saco Deluxe - Pratos
PK J6020R00 Deluxe Cymbal Case Rucksack 22" Specifications Internal Dimensions:22.5" diameter x 3" depth Weight:3.0kgs    
120,00 €
PROTECTION RACKET - Saco Deluxe-Pratos
PK J602200 Standard Cymbal Case 22" BLACK Specifications Internal Dimensions:22.5" ** this case will comfortably house 1 x ride, 1 x china, 3 x crash, 1 x hi-hat and 2 x splash cymbals ** Weight:1.0kg    
49,00 €
PK J502800 28“ x 16“ x 10” hardware bag Specifications Internal Dimensions:28“ x 16“ x 10” Weight:2.0kg      
65,00 €
RO CBTDP CUSTOM CASE FOR THE TD-4KP V-DRUMS PORTABLE Saco de transporte para a Bateria TD-4KP V-Drums® O saco de transporte CB-TDP proporciona uma maneira conveniente para transportar e proteger a sua bateria portátil TD-4KP V-Drums. [...]
89,00 €
TAMA - PBS50 Saco p/Baquetas
TA PBS50 The TAMA POWERPAD® stick and mallet bag can store about 24 pairs of sticks, mallets, and accessories. The handle grip and padded shoulder strap make carrying a full bag of sticks much more comfortable. The POWERPAD® stick bag is easy to [...]
42,00 €

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