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RO TD1KPX (Pedal de bombo não incluído) The TD1KPX is the latest Portable V-drums kit for new players short on space, to veterans who need a compact kit to practice with. The Kit features an innovative folding stand similar to the [...]
965,00 €
RO TD25KV The TD-25 series offers the perfect compliment between a professional top of the range kit, but paired down to its essentials. You get the essence and playability of the Flagship Roland TD-30 V-Drums Kit in a streamlined design and a [...]
2.649,00 €
RO PD85 Expand your V Drum kit! Roland's 8" dual-zone V-Pads feature dual-triggering technology, resulting in more consistent and accurate sensing between the head and rim. Built tank-tough and ready to take a pounding, these [...]
189,00 €
RO RMP3 Become a Rhythm Champion with This Practice Pad! There's not a musician alive who couldn't benefit from using the RMP-3 Rhythm Coach! It looks good, feels good, and is loaded with rhythmic exercises and timekeeping tools for you to [...]
140,00 €
ROLAND TD-1K - Kit de Bateria Digital
RO TD1K Entry Level Roland Electronic Drums Roland gives you another great electronic drumming solution with their TD-1K kit. If you're just starting out as a drummer, you know three things are true - 1) Practice makes perfect, 2) Space and [...]
394,00 €
ROLAND TD-1KV - Kit de Bateria Digital
RO TD1KV Roland V-Drums with Mesh Snare Roland's TD-1KV electronic drum kit is a great way to start drumming, and it's also perfect for space-challenged setups. You'll be impressed with the feel of the mesh snare head, and drummers at [...]
519,00 €
ROLAND-TD-11 Drum Module
RO TD11MODULE This V-Drum Module is a Real Performer! Start your journey into the land of electronic drums with the Roland TD-11 drum sound module. This brain is perfect for drummers of any skill level or budget. Utilizing Roland's acclaimed [...]
522,00 €
RO TD11K Affordable Electronic Drums Start your journey into the land of electronic drums with the Roland TD-11K electronic drum kit. This kit is perfect for drummers of any skill level or budget. Utilizing Roland's acclaimed SuperNATURAL sound [...]
739,00 €
RO TD11KV Compact and Affordable V-Drums Enhanced with SuperNATURAL power, the Roland TD-11KV V-Drums V-Compact Series brings a more natural and realistic playing experience to drummers of any skill level and budget. Affordable and easy to use, this [...]
1.159,00 €
ROLAND-TD-4KP - V-Drum Portable Set
RO TD4KP A compact e-kit from Roland featuring an innovative design for maximum mobility! A compact e-kit designed for mobility. With a small footprint and a folding design, the Roland TD-4KP e-kit sets the benchmark for fast breakdown and easy [...]
688,00 €
YAMAHA DTX532K - Bateria Digital
YA DTX532K The DTX-PAD snare has the proper response for developing your technique, and the real hi-hat trigger and stand lets you position the kit to match your ideal setup. The ride and crash feature cup, bow and edge voices and are [...]
809,00 €