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AP EARMUFFS VERY COMFORTABLE The light weight Alpine MusicSafe Earmuff is especially for musicians that are regularly exposed to loud music. For example, it muffles 25 dB of the sound created when playing drums. With this level of attenuation, your ears [...]
24,00 €
ASHTON - Pedal Bombo
AN BDP400 Single Bass Drum Kick Pedal with a great feeling action and plenty of attack if you need it. Built strong to last! It has an adjustable shell claw, so this BDP400 will fit any kick drum you want. SIZE: Single [...]
45,00 €
ASHTON-DT130-Banco de Bateria
AN DT130 Double braced with better fittings and larger size. With reinfornced double braced legs, developed fittings and a larger overall size for player comfort SIZE: Large Size BRACING: Double-braced Legs EXTRAS: Designed for [...]
38,00 €
GIBRALTAR - 5608 Banco de Bateria
GI 5608 ROUND VINYL THRONE – Top grade foam for maximum comfort – Single-braced Tripod with memory lock height adjustment – Top dimensions: 13-1⁄4”D x 2-1⁄4”H – Adjusts from 18″ to [...]
59,00 €

Aluguer Steinway
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