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DUNLOP-Marcus Miller 045/105
JD MARCUSMILLER45105 Gauges: 45 - 65 - 85 - 105 Bass - Steel - Long Scale - 4-String Set These strings perfectly complement Marcus Miller's groundbreaking style and trademark sound—crisp and cutting with a big fundamental and powerful low end. THE [...]
29,00 €
ELIXIR - Nanoweb 40-095 Extra Light
EL 14002 Elixir® Nickel Plated Steel Bass Strings with a NANOWEB®Coating deliver a rich, rounded tone with greater clarity and heavier mid-range presence. Working closely with the global bass community, we asked 4000+ players what they [...]
44,00 €
ERNIEBALL Extra Slinky Bass Nickel Wound [...]
EB 2835 Ernie Ball Extra Slinky Bass sets are wound for a bright, balanced tone. Each bass string is manufactured with the finest and freshest raw materials in the beautiful Coachella Valley of Southern California. The list of endorsers for Ernie Ball [...]
24,00 €

Aluguer Steinway
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