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EP EBG0CHCH1 short scale bass guitar - SG-style, mahogany body, mahogany neck, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard, Sidewinder pickup - the legendary Jack Bruce Bass. Colour: Cherry Red.

189,00 €
EPIPHONE-Gothic Thunderbird IV-Pitch Black
EP EBTBPBBH1 Goth Thunderbird-IV   The Goth Thunderbird Bass puts a new twist on an old favorite and with a Pitch Black finish, becomes the black diamond of the Goth collecton. The Thunderbird first issued from the legendary Kalamazoo factory [...]
309,00 €
EPIPHONE-Toby Deluxe IV-Trans Black Satin
EP EBD4TKSBH1 Toby Deluxe IV Epiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been waiting for, the Toby Deluxe IV. With it’s roots in the original designs of Michael Tobias and introduced over 10 years ago, the “Toby” [...]
219,00 €
EPIPHONE-Toby Standard-IV Bass EB
EP EBD4EBBH1 Toby Standard IV Epiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been asking for, the Toby Standard IV. With its roots in the original designs of Michael Tobias introduced over 10 years ago, the “Toby” brought [...]
189,00 €
FENDER - American Elite Jazz Bass-ASH MN NAT
FE 0197002721 Packed to the gills with our latest revolutionary innovations, the American Elite Jazz Bass is an active bass for the modern bassist who demands cutting-edge tone technology along with timeless style and fast, smooth playing feel. Its versatile [...]
2.199,00 €
FENDER - American PRO Jazz Bass RW OWT
FE 0193900705 A SEISMIC SHIFT At Fender, we live and breathe electric instruments. We never rest—pushing craftsmanship to its limits, we design, test and endlessly experiment to create the best instruments on the planet. The Jazz Bass, a [...]
1.699,00 €
FENDER - Classic Serie 50
FE 0131702306 '50s Precision Bass® in Black with Maple Fingerboard and Gold Adonized Aluminum Pickguard Features:  * Body Material - Alder * Body Finish - Urethane * Neck Material - One Piece Maple * Neck Finish - Gloss Urethane * [...]
899,00 €
FENDER - Deluxe Active Jazz Bass NAT
FE 0143512321 Fender have a great bass range and at the heart of the collection is the deluxe range... Now these great pieces are available at a new price with the Mexican made Deluxe Active bass. This bass has a solid alder body and all the well designed [...]
1.222,00 €
FENDER - Flea Signature Bass Road Worn Shell [...]
FE 0141020356 Flea’s funk- and jazz-influenced basslines helped propel the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the top of the rock and alternative charts while redefining the role of bass in the modern era. Flea’s unique playing style brought a welcome [...]
1.111,00 €
FENDER - Standard Precision Bass - MN Black
FE 0146102506 Since its early-'50s introduction, the Fender® Precision Bass® guitar has remained the world standard for thick tone and smooth playability. The Standard Precision Bass combines the best of old and new, with a modern single-coil [...]
695,00 €
FE 0132000306 O Classic '70s Jazz Bass é a essência duma época caracterizada pela impressionante cosmética e um timbre cheio e brilhante, resultado do reposicionamento do bridge pickup mais perto da ponte.
A maior evidência da cosmética advém do uso [...]
959,00 €
FE 0131712340 Fender Road Worn 50s P Bass  Some things just get cooler with age.  Its especially true of electric guitars and basses - they develop an unmistakable mojo over time that makes them look cooler and feel even more comfortable [...]
1.291,00 €