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EPIPHONE - Embassy PRO Bass EB
EP EBEMEBNH1 Epiphone presents the new Embassy PRO Bass, inspired by the rare 60s classic and commemorating the 60th anniversary of Epiphone joining the Gibson Family of Instruments. Featuring new ProBucker™ #760 Bass Humbuckers and improved hardware [...]
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315,00 €
EPIPHONE - Thubder Bird IV [...]
EP EBTBVSBH1 The Thunderbird Bass, first issued from the legendary Kalamazoo factory in 1963, was for a time the only bass available from Gibson or Epiphone. But really, what else could you need? The Thunderbird’s unique “reversed” zig-zag [...]
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314,00 €
EPIPHONE - Thunderbird Vintage PRO Ebony
EP EBTVEBNH1 The Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage PRO Bass is an incredibly accurate reproduction of the classic electric bass first introduced in 1963 that has since powered dozens of hits by artists like The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cheap Trick. Featuring new [...]
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599,00 €
EPIPHONE - Viola Bass
EP EBVIVSCH1 maple body, set-in maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, 2 mini humbuckers (NYR at neck and NYT at bridge), nickel hardware, rosewood bridge, 419 mm (1,65") nut width, 77,47 cm (30,5") scale lenght, colour: vintage sunburst.

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275,00 €
EPIPHONE-Allen Woody Rumblekat
EP EBAKWRGH1 Allen Woody Rumblekat The Epiphone Allen Woody Rumblekat bass is the result of a historic collaboration with Epiphone and the late great Allen Woody, the legendary bassist for the Allman Brothers Band and Gov’t Mule. The Allen Woody [...]
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375,00 €
EP EBG0CHCH1 short scale bass guitar - SG-style, mahogany body, mahogany neck, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard, Sidewinder pickup - the legendary Jack Bruce Bass. Colour: Cherry Red.

220,00 €
EP EBG3EBCH1 History of the Classic EB Bass In the early 1960s the Kalamazoo factory, home to both Epiphone and Gibson instruments, decided to cease production of the Les Paul guitar. In its place came a radical new guitar design that also influenced the [...]
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348,00 €
EPIPHONE-Toby Standard-IV Bass AW
EP EBD4AWBH1 Toby Standard IV Epiphone is proud to reintroduce the classic bass that players have been asking for, the Toby Standard IV. With its roots in the original designs of Michael Tobias introduced over 10 years ago, the “Toby” brought [...]
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175,00 €
FENDER - AM Original 50s P-Bass AZG
FE 0190102878 Few companies can honestly claim to have changed the world like we did when we created the Precision Bass in 1951. By making playing bass easily accessible, it helped musicians find their creative voice and create new forms of music. The [...]
1.879,00 €
FENDER - AM Ultra Jazz Bass MN Texas Tea
FE 0199022790 American Ultra is our most advanced series of guitars and basses for discerning players who demand the ultimate in precision, performance and tone. The American Ultra Jazz Bass features a unique “Modern D” neck profile for hours of [...]
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1.990,00 €
FENDER - American Original 70s Jazz Bass-MN [...]
FE 0190142821 Over the course of the '70s, the Jazz Bass entered its "teenage years," changing its visual style and inspiring new playing techniques-such as slapping-which led directly to new, creative forms of expression. Its smooth feel and [...]
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1.969,00 €

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