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DUNLOP - DGT201 Small
JD DGT201 This kit has everything a bass player needs for a quick and easy string change: a String Cutter, a Stringwinder, a Multi-Tool for tweaks, and a Superlube® Gel Pen to help stay in tune.    
39,90 €
DUNLOP - DGT202 Large
JD DGT202 This kit has everything you need to keep your bass in top playing shape, whether you’re doing a quick string change or a complete setup: a Gig Light, Micro Fret Cloth, Fret Collars, String Cutters, Screwdriver, Formula [...]
87,90 €
PLANET WAVES - PWPW1B Bass String Winder
PW PWPW1B PEG WINDER For Bass The D'Addario Ergonomic Peg Winder with bridge pin puller is precision molded and specially designed to fit virtually all guitars, basses, ukuleles, banjos, and mandolins. Unlike most other peg winders, the [...]
7,90 €

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