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GENIO - Sistema Silent Premium para piano de cauda


2 990,00 €

(IVA incluído)

GENIO - Sistema Silent Premium para piano de cauda

( O preço apresentado já inclui a instalação do sistema. )


Is it hard for you to play the piano on a regular basis, because your children have to go to bed early; or because you live in an appartement and you would disturb the other residents?
And you would like to retain the key-stroke of your acoustic piano?
Then this silent system is something for you!

The Genio System is the way to the digital world. It gives the pianist the possibility to compose endlessly, without disturbing others!

At the change from acoustic to electronic, the stoprail stops the hammerheads, so they cannot touch the strings. Instead, the sensors underneath the keys register the sound and sends it through to the headphones.

Thanks to the ingenious software of the silent system, you can transfor the genio module to midi. This means that you can easily connect you computer, I-phone,... to this system.

The Genio System is designed by professionals and is easy to install by piano-technicians.

This system is available for upright and grand pianos and is compatible with 95% of the existing piano brands.



  • 16 High-resolution musical instrument sounds
  • 16 user presets enable you to edit and save your favourite sounds
  • 128 General MIDI musical instrument sounds to give you all the versatility you need for your music, as well as playback of Standard MIDI Files (SMF)
  • A built-in 4-track sequencer to record and monitor your performance, and build up complicated multi-part performances one track at a time.
  • The ability to use your piano’s keyboard to record music to a computer and score your performance using notation software
  • Connection for your stereo system


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